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About Us

Mechaniconcall was founded in 2018 with the goal to make car repair and maintenance affordable, convenient, and transparent. We believed that the auto repair industry lacked in certain areas hence we decided to start Mechaniconcall.

Dealing with car problems can be a time-consuming and frustrating experience, especially if you are stranded on the road. Furthermore, car owners often lack visibility regarding the quality of mechanics or fairness of price when they find themselves stuck in a place they are not conversant with. At the same time, the mechanics who put in the hard work fixing cars make very little money at repair shops, and rarely get the recognition they deserve.

Our Mission is...

To provide you with peace of mind incase you are stuck on the road, at home or at the office, and to provide the best possible vehicle maintenance and repair.

Building a better experience for car owners

Life’s too short to spend it at a repair shop. We offer services at the convenience of your home, office or even on the road. We are on a mission to build the most convenient and trusted car repair service at very fair prices.

Empowering mechanics to live a better life

By connecting mechanics directly with car owners in need of repair services, we are empowering these hard-working mechanics to control their quality of life. They are able to choose when they want to work (including evenings and weekends), and the type of cars and services they want to work on. By working directly with car owners instead of shops and dealers, they now have an opportunity to earn a better living. We provide them access to customers, schedule flexibility, and high-quality parts. Mechanics can focus on what they love — working on cars — and we take care of the rest.


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We offer fair and transparent pricing and provide estimates upfront for hundreds of services. Call us with confidence.


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We provide a wide range of car repair services at your home,office or even when you are stuck on the road.

Fuel Pump Repair/Replacement

The fuel pump's sole purpose is to take fuel from the fuel tank and deliver it according to the demand of the engine. When the fuel pump is working effectively, the car runs smoothly. Before replacing the pump, first be sure that filters, fuel pickups, fuel pump relays, and electrical connectors are in good working order. A clogged fuel filter, for instance, can restrict flow and cause some of the same symptoms.

Car Radiator Repair

The radiator performs a critical function; it keeps the engine from overheating. While running, the engine produces heat. Coolant flowing through the system absorbs and removes extra heat from the engine. The coolant then passes through the radiator where it cools off and is later circulated back to the engine to absorb heat again. Radiators tend to clog over time. When this occurs, not enough coolant flows through the radiator leading to heat build-up, causing the engine to overheat.

Spark Plug Replacement

The spark plugs are an important part of the ignition system. When you turn the ignition key (car's key) on, it causes the ignition coil to generate the spark which ignites the air-fuel mixture in the engine cylinders to start the engine. Over time, the spark plugs wear out and require replacement. When the spark plugs wear out, it is harder for the air-fuel mixture to ignite, resulting in engine misfires. If one of the spark plugs has failed, the car will still start and run, but it will run poorly.

Service Battery

In order for everything to operate properly in your car, the battery and its cables should be in optimal condition. By its very nature, a battery can cause corrosion, and cables can become loose or frayed, or touch other parts of the under hood area. Checking that all is well with the battery and its attachments is a wise idea for trouble free motoring. Keep in mind that battery acid is extremely corrosive, hence caution is advised. Also there is potential for electric shock when working with these components. Leave this work to one of our expert technicians.

Transmission Fluid Service

Transmission fluid helps cool and lubricate your vehicle’s transmission’s internal parts. The transmission transfers power from the engine to the wheels of the car. If an automatic transmission does not have enough fluid, or the fluid has been contaminated, it is possible for the transmission to start to slip and eventually fail. If a manual transmission does not have enough fluid, or the fluid has been contaminated, it is possible for the transmission to become noisy, the internal parts to wear out faster and eventually for the transmission to fail.

Trunk Latch Adjustment

It’s about a good tight fit for your trunk and keeping water away from your valuables. On vehicles with batteries, modules and fuses in the trunk area, the latch serves an extremely important purpose in the safe operation of your vehicle. The trunk latch can be anything from a metal hook and locking mechanism built into the center of your trunk, to a maze of wires, motors and sensors that must be in perfect operation for the latch to operate properly. If one of these components is not installed properly or is malfunctioning, you may have a trunk that may lock only on one side or not lock at all.

Alternator Repair

The alternator, which is bolted to the engine, keeps your car’s battery charged and produces the electrical power necessary to run the vehicle’s electrical systems. When starting your car, stored energy in the battery powers the starter motor. Once the engine is running, the alternator produces the electrical energy that your car needs by spinning a magnet on a rotor through a stationary coil of wire.

Air Filter Maintenance

Your car takes in air and passes it into the engine through the air filter. (Some cars have more than one air filter.) The air filter takes out dust, leaves, and other debris from the air before passing it into the engine where it’s mixed with fuel. The combination of air and fuel is essential for the car to run. If the air filter is dirty or clogged, it will not pass enough air into the engine, causing all sorts of problems.

AC Repair

For an AC system to work, it needs a gas or liquid substance called refrigerant. Over time, refrigerant can leak from the AC system through seals. If the AC does not have enough refrigerant, it will not blow cold air. Since the AC system is a sealed unit, the only way to tell if the car needs a recharge is if the AC is not blowing cold air through the vents.

Wheel Bearings Replacement

Wheel bearings enable wheels on a car to spin freely and stay secured to the car. Cars have four wheel bearings, one located at each wheel. If the wheel bearings wear out, you will feel the wheels and steering wheel shake. Do not drive the car in this condition and have it checked out as soon as possible by a professional mechanic.

Brake Pad Replacement

Brake pads consist of friction material that is bonded to a sturdy steel backing plate. When you push on the brake pedal, the friction material on the brake pads is forced against the inner and outer surfaces of the steel brake rotor under tremendous pressure. The resulting friction causes the wheels on your car to slow rapidly allowing for a quick, safe and controlled stop. After thousands of miles, this friction material eventually wears away, and the brake rotor wears away as well, requiring replacement.

Lubricate Suspension

The suspension allows the wheels of a vehicle to roll over bumps and through potholes while keeping the car in control and the passengers comfortable. Numerous parts in the suspension system move around and connect to the vehicle via joints. Common joints include ball joints and u-joints. Proper lubrication keeps moving parts moving. Some connections in the suspension will contain bushings that could benefit from lubrication as well.